Sophie Strachan

Operations Manager

To celebrate International Women's Day this year, we thought we’d shine a light on one of the inspirational women in the One Nexus’ ranks, Sophie Strachan. In this blog, Sophie, who started out as an apprentice and worked her way up to become our Operations Manager, shares her journey with One Nexus so far.

Hi, Sophie. Can you tell us about your role at One Nexus?
In my role as Operations Manager at One Nexus, I oversee various areas of the business, for example, the customer service team, the finance and compliance team, and the damage and compliance team. My focus is to ensure these teams run smoothly and to deal with any issues that come up or need extra attention. I also handle insurance claims and work closely with the call centre team. Essentially, I ensure everything is in order and handle any challenges that arise. It’s a great role, and I love the team I work with; we have a lot of fun.

That’s great, Sophie. Can you tell us about your journey with One Nexus so far?
I began my journey with One Nexus in 2015 starting as an apprentice in the finance team and completed my business and admin Level 2. Following the completion of my apprenticeship, I was offered a permanent role as a finance and compliance assistant, which was an excellent opportunity for me and my career at the time and encouraged me to complete Business and Admin Level 3. A few years into the role, I decided to pursue AAT starting with Level 2 which I completed under the apprenticeship scheme. I then went onto undertaking my Level 3 & Level 4 AAT in short succession, which was a fantastic personal achievement for me and all within three years. These courses provided me with invaluable knowledge that I could apply in my previous role within the finance team and my current position as an operations manager. When I look back, there was quite a lot of coursework involved on top of the job I was doing, but it was definitely worth it! I went from an Apprentice to an Operations Manager in 9 years – something I’m very proud of!

What would you say you enjoy most about your job?
There are so many great aspects of working for One Nexus. I love the variation of the role, and every day is different. However, I’d say that my favourite thing about my job is that the people at One Nexus are great. I have always been really well supported and looked after by the team. I think the great culture here is evident due to our staff retention being so high! I’ve loved every minute of my time here, especially due to the career progression and the opportunities presented to me have definitely helped me get to where I am today.

What was it about One Nexus that made you want to get involved?
Before I joined One Nexus, I had just finished college and was working part-time, so I was looking for a full-time role I could really grow into. One Nexus was the perfect fit because they offered me the chance to learn on the job through their apprenticeship scheme – which I did - and also pick up a wage! I won’t lie, I wasn’t too interested in the automotive industry before joining. However, the more I got my hands dirty in the day-to-day, the more I grew into the role and started to love what we do here. I haven’t looked back since!

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?
Great question. I think it’s fair to say I’m a bit of a workaholic. I think because I work in a fast-paced environment and am constantly speaking to customers, I’m always thinking about how we can make their experience the best it can possibly be. However, when I do have downtime, I love spending time with family and friends or taking my dog out for a walk – these sorts of things really help me unwind. I recently got married too, so my life has been full of wedding planning and everything that comes with it. It was worth it, though!

Finally, what is one thing you would like readers to know about yourself or One Nexus that they might not know already?
I know I’ve mentioned it previously, but One Nexus is a fantastic company to work for. Everyone stays for a long time because we know we are valued. I’m proof that employees here have the opportunity to develop in such a short space of time. I couldn’t speak any higher of One Nexus if I tried.

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